The secret of a successful business Igor Yankovsky

the-secret-of-a-successful-business-igor-yankovskySuccessful Ukrainian businessman Igor Yankovsky in his recent interview to a foreign publication gave some practical advice for young businessmen. Yankovsky is sure that for the successful development of the case it is not necessary to be guided by the demand — it will be enough to analyze the market and find areas not covered earlier, the need for which is not yet acute, but in the future may increase.

The businessman believes that the rate should be made not even for commercial profit, but for the development of the country’s economy. It is important to find your niche, regardless of the presence of strong competition. But the best option will be a case that has minimal competition and does not require large material investments at the initial stage.
Yankovsky is sure that it is necessary to invest money in new projects offered by young Ukrainian businessmen.

Not always difficult tasks lead to successful solutions — it is safer to start a business with the development of a simple project. In order for young entrepreneurs and investors to find each other for the successful conduct of joint business, Igor Yankovsky created special projects in the form of groups and communities in social networks, on the pages of which market participants can get acquainted with business proposals. Attention is drawn to the project not only businessmen and investors, but also journalists who cover successful transactions to the public, causing interest in Ukrainians in the development of the domestic economy.

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